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Browse our website to learn more about The Clip-it® System, a revolutionary new way to quickly and easily secure vines, plants, and trees to trellis wires or stakes. The key to The Clip-it® System is a unique, patented line of durable plastic Clip-its®, flexible enough for plants, yet durable enough to hold drip irrigation tubing or wires together.

Commercial growers benefit from the speed at which The Clip-it® System can be applied, saving over 50% in labor costs. Recreational gardeners value the ease with which Clip-it® Garden supports their plants both in and out of doors. Whether you farm acres of grapevines, apple orchards, or simply enjoy gardening in your backyard, The Clip-it® System has a product that is right for you!

The Clip-it® System is available in bulk packaging for commercial growers as well as in smaller packaging for home gardeners.

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